Identity Governance Administration where it belongs

Clear Skye is an identity security software company based in California with extensive Identity Access Management (IAM), Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), and Now Platform experience. The company was created in 2016 to redesign enterprise IAM, IGA and identity risk management.
After building more than 50 applications on the ServiceNow platform, Clear Skye envisioned a scalable IGA-as-a-service platform to handle day-to-day identity management routines, such as user onboarding and offboarding, access requests & reviews, and role provisioning.

The mission? To simplify identity security and compliance. Clear Skye believes in living by three core values that drive their company culture and define how they interact with business partners:

  • Serve the customer by creating a software that makes their live easier
  • Disrupt through innovation by developing new approaches/concept for IGA
  • “Good Enough” is not “Great”: Striving for excellence by taking the time to develop the best solutions for all customers

Reimagining IGA on ServiceNow

Clear Skye is an Identity Access and Management (IAM) software company that reimagines enterprise identity access and risk management software to make a complicated problem easier to manage. Built on ServiceNow’s Now Platform, Clear Skye Identity Governance Administration (IGA) removes the need for a standalone IGA solution in favor of leveraging an existing platform.

Clear Skye IGA is built upon the ServiceNow Now Platform, which processes 4 billion transactions a month. Clear Skye’s IGA solution provides identity lifecycle management and governance solutions across a broad set of verticals.
The Clear Skye IGA software transforms security teams’ digital environments by finally aligning identity management with critical functions like ITSM, CMBD, GRC and security operations into a centralized location.
Native to the Now Platform, Clear Skye removes the need for a standalone IGA solution and fragile integrations in favor of leveraging an existing platform. All ServiceNow data, workflow information, and interfaces are readily available in the Clear Skye IGA tool.

A hort demo on how to use IGA wit Clear Skye is available here.

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