IdentityNow - comprehensive, cloud-based (IDaaS)

With IdentityNow, KOGIT partner SailPoint offers a software solution for the management of users and access rights in hybrid environments. IdentityNow itself is 100% cloud-based and offers Identity & Access Management as Software as a Service (IDaaS). This includes the provision of user accounts for new employees with predefined authorizations and centralized user lifecycle management. As more and more companies are using cloud solutions and access to sensitive data is no longer tied to a physical workstation, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to quickly revoke assigned rights as soon as the employee leaves the company. Such governance in the cloud is currently only offered by IdentityNow.

IdentityNow Single Sign-On also provides secure, one-click access to all applications from any device (desktop, tablet, smartphone). Password management makes it easy to reset passwords on demand, unlock accounts and verify user data. IdentityNow Access Certification can centrally verify existing access rights within organizations – minimizing the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data. The automated tool not only makes the audit process more effective, but also improves compliance and audit performance. Compliance with the previously defined standards becomes visible and evaluable company-wide.

All functions are simple and intuitive to use. The technical rights are presented in a comprehensible way so that even employees without IT knowledge can judge whether the assignment of rights to the individual employee is appropriate. For the implementation of the individual corporate strategy for access and user data management, companies can rely on the extensive expertise of the KOGIT consultants.

The cloud-based solution offers even more advantages. Unlike locally installed software, no additional software or hardware has to be purchased, operated or maintained. There are no more costly local upgrades – all IdentityNow users always work with the latest version. Furthermore, the cloud technology developed by SailPoint is based on a patented “Zero Knowledge Encryption” – the sensitive data can only be decrypted again with the corresponding private key, which is located within the virtual appliance at the customer. Even SailPoint itself has no possibility to decrypt them. IdentityNow thus offers more security than other solutions on the market – in contrast to the widespread image of the “precarious cloud”.

Digital identities at the center of your security strategy
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