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KOGITs Schulungen und Workshops sind stets auf die Bedürfnisse der Kunden zugeschnitten. Wir bieten Kurse sowohl Inhouse wie auch bei unseren Kunden an, bei denen wir projektspezifische Bedürfnisse vor Ort bedienen können.

Schulungen von KOGIT

Als SailPoint Partner bieten wir aktuell zu folgenden Themen Schulungen am Standort Frankfurt – Dietzenbach an:

IdentityIQ Implementation and Administration: Essentials v8.0

IdentityIQ Implementation and Administration: Essentials v8.0


The IdentityIQ Implementation and Administration: Essentials course is designed for SailPoint customers and partners who will be implementing IdentityIQ, and for system administrators of production IdentityIQ instances. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to implement and configure common IdentityIQ use cases and to support a standard implementation of IdentityIQ. Using Accelerator Pack, students learn best practices for onboarding and configuring application interactions (for example joiner/mover/leaver, and access requests). Students will also be able to describe, configure and administer the standard ongoing processes to load and maintain the IdentityIQ data, and list and use the tools available for monitoring and troubleshooting the system.

IdentityIQ Implementation and Administration: Essentials is led by our highly experienced training team and takes place at SailPoint facilities around the globe, or can be brought to your site.


After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Configure and administer IdentityIQ to support compliance and provisioning activity
  • Create application definitions that enable IdentityIQ to communicate (aggregate and provision) with corporate systems
  • Configure application business behaviors for provisioning activities  (for example: joiner/mover/leaver, approvers, and more)
  • Configure connectors (for example: delimited file, JDBC, LDAP, Active Directory)
  • Construct identity and account schemas that include custom attributes specific to the organization
  • Define parameters for classification of accounts and entitlements (locked, disabled, privileged, birthright) during aggregation
  • Create identities in IdentityIQ
  • Load account and entitlement data into IdentityIQ and correlate accounts to the appropriate account owner
  • Monitor status of aggregation and provisioning actions
  • Organize personnel within IdentityIQ based on their IdentityIQ responsibilities and access needs
  • Evaluate data quality using IdentityIQ reporting and searching functionality
  • Describe the process for using IdentityIQ to support corporate electronic access policies
  • Describe the process for supporting IdentityIQ certification campaigns
  • Describe the standard IdentityIQ two-tier role model
  • Describe the difference between birthright and business roles
  • Configure, run, and monitor Lifecycle Events, including how to specify triggers, and designate provisioning actions for each event
  • Configure and monitor access requests – specify which access items are requestable and the appropriate approval processes
  • Describe the relationship between Quicklink Populations and Quicklinks
  • Explain how IdentityIQ supports requests for password reset
  • Identify and utilize tools available for onboarding, troubleshooting, and working with SailPoint Support (Administrator Console, Advanced Analytics, IdentityIQ Console, Debug pages)

For more details on this course including software requirements please see:
IdentityIQ Essentials- Course Overview

IdentityIQ Implementation: Advanced Provisioning and Workflows v8.0

IdentityIQ Implementation: Advanced Provisioning and Workflows v8.0


IdentityIQ Implementation: Advanced Provisioning and Workflows is specifically designed for individuals who have been through IdentityIQ Implementation: Essentials training and desire deeper knowledge regarding SailPoint’s provisioning features, including workflow development and customization of the provisioning process.

The ideal students for this course are members of the technical IdentityIQ implementation team who will be focusing on provisioning projects, especially those involving workflow customizations. Typically, a subset of the overall implementation team attends this training and provides this expertise. Students are expected to independently navigate within IdentityIQ, and write both XML and Java code. It is highly recommended that students participate in a provisioning implementation project soon after course completion.

IdentityIQ Implementation: Advanced Provisioning and Workflows is led by our highly experienced SailPoint team, and takes place at SailPoint facilities around the globe, or at your site.



Topics cover the following features of the IdentityIQ Provisioning stack:

  • Workflow Development
  • Provisioning Process
  • Provisioning Object Model
  • Connector/Integration Architecture
    • Custom Connectors/Integrations
  • QuickLinks
  • Generating Approvals/Workitems from a Workflow
  • Email Templates/Sending Emails
  • Custom Auditing
  • Lifecycle Manager (LCM)
    • LCM Configuration
    • LCM Requests (Role, Entitlement, Account, Password)
    • Lifecycle Events (Joiner, Mover, Leaver)
    • LCM Workflow Details (Workflows and Subprocesses)
  • Advanced Topics
    • Troubleshooting
    • Configuring Retries and Queuing
    • Using the Step Replicator Functionality
    • Using the IdentityModel object to manage Identities and Accounts

The course spans 32 hours and consists of a mix of presentations and labs. There is a specific focus on hands-on activity and an open exchange of information.

A full overview of topics covered is available under the following link (SailPoint Community):
Advanced Provisioning IIQ – Course Overview

Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Kurse immer eine gewisse Mindestteilnehmerzahl benötigen, daher kann ein Kurs bis 14 Tage vor Beginn abgesagt werden.

Anmeldungen können nur über die SailPoint Identity University vorgenommen werden. Hierfür wird ein Account im Compass benötigt. Eine ausführliche Anleitung für die Anmeldung finden Sie hier:

Schulungen und Workshops vor Ort

Gerne bieten wir Schulungen und Workshops auch vor Ort bei unseren Kunden an. Kontaktieren Sie uns, um mehr zu erfahren.

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