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KOGIT’s trainings and workshops are always tailored to the needs of our customers. We offer courses both in-house and on site with our customers, where we can serve project-specific needs.

Trainings by KOGIT

As a Sailpoint partner we are currently offering trainings and workshop topics in the Frakfurt area:

Provisioning with IdentityIQ 7.2.

Provisioning with IdentityIQ 7.2


Provisioning with IdentityIQ is specifically designed for individuals who have been through Fundamentals of IdentityIQ Implementation (formerly Implementer Training) and are interested in gaining deeper knowledge into SailPoint’s provisioning features, either as SailPoint customer or partner.

Provisioning with IdentityIQ is led by our highly experienced SailPoint team, and takes place at SailPoint facilities around the globe. This training is performed on the most current product version. When we’re in the changeover period, we include a demonstration or presentation about the upcoming version.


Provisioning with IdentityIQ covers:

  • Provisioning Overview
  • Provisioning Object Model
  • ProvisioningPlan
  • ProvisioningProject
  • ApprovalSet
  • ProvisioningResult
  • IdentityRequest
  • Connector/Integration Architecture
  • Workflow
  • Variables
  • Approvals/Forms/Approval Decisions
  • Transitions
  • Emails/Auditing/Notifications
  • Handler/Library Functions
  • Dashboard QuickLinks
  • Email Templates/Velocity
  • Lifecycle Manager (LCM)
  • LCM Configuration
  • LCM Requests (Role, Entitlement, Account, Password)
  • LCM Events (Joiner, Mover, Leaver)
  • LCM Workflow Details
  • Advanced Topics
  • Troubleshooting
  • Configureing Retries and Queuing
  • Using the Step Replicator
  • Using the IdentityModel object to manage Identities and Accounts

A full overview of topics covered is available in the following document (SailPoint Community)
Provisioning with IdentityIQ – Course Overview (SailPoint Community)

Fundamentals of IdentityIQ Implementations.

Fundamentals of IdentityIQ Implementations.


The Fundamentals of IdentityIQ Implementation course is designed for SailPoint customers and partners who will be implementing IdentityIQ. This course covers the breadth of performing an IdentityIQ implementation. This class is crucial for technical and project management staff who are new to IdentityIQ. It provides the foundation to benefit from all other SailPoint material and trainings, and to be part of a successful implementation team.

Fundamentals of IdentityIQ Implementation is led by our highly experienced training team and takes place at SailPoint facilities around the globe, or can be brought to your site.


To ensure a successful IdentityIQ implementation, it is critical that implementers have a strong understanding of the standard IdentityIQ functions, and that they also understand where and how to incorporate custom business logic in a supportable manner. Throughout this course, the student is introduced to the standard IdentityIQ behavior and also taught best practices for extending the behavior.

This course follows the flow of an IdentityIQ implementation project, starting with installing IdentityIQ, and continuing through configuring and customizing both Compliance Manager (for certification/access reviews) and Lifecycle Manager (for provisioning). Students configure IdentityIQ to connect to and read/write data from business applications, learn detailed information around task (batch job) efficiencies for reading and processing data, and how to write a custom task. Important to any development project, the student learns to leverage the log files and administrative tools to support troubleshooting and advanced configuration.

The ideal students for this course are members of the technical team who will be implementing IdentityIQ. These students will have Java and XML knowledge, and be starting an implementation project soon after course completion. Project Managers and other staff involved with design decisions and implementation oversight can also benefit from this training, as XML and Java samples are provided.

Topics covered by the course (Full course overview, SailPoint Community)

  • IdentityIQ Installation and Architecture
  • Services Delivery Overview and Best Practices
  • Application Account/Group Aggregation (Delimited File, JDBC, LDAP, Active Directory)
  • Roles (Business, IT)
  • Compliance Manager/Certification
  • Policies
  • Risk Modeling
  • Tasks
  • Rules (BeanShell) and the SailPoint API
  • Lifecycle Manager/Access Management
  • Business Processes (Workflow Engine)
  • Debugging, Troubleshooting, Logging
  • Customized Reports/Data Export
  • Provisioning Process

For more details on this course including software requirements please see:
Fundamentals of IdentityIQ Implementation Training Overview

IdentityIQ Administration 7.2.

IdentityIQ Administration 7.2


The IdentityIQ Administration Training course is targeted towards a variety of technical and business users of the IdentityIQ product. The course introduces students to the administrative aspects of the IdentityIQ Compliance Manager and the IdentityIQ Lifecycle Manager, troubleshooting, support methodologies, and more.

This entry is for the in-person instructor-led training. In the United States, it is only offered as a private on-site class. Elsewhere, it is offered as a private on-site class or an open enrollment class. To purchase a seat in our self-paced IdentityIQ Administration training, please see the entry IdentityIQ Administration: Full Track – ELEARNING.


The SailPoint Technologies IdentityIQ Administration Training course is targeted towards a variety of technical and business users of the IdentityIQ product. These users include security officers, certification administrators, provisioning administrators, role administrators, and the solution support team.

The course teaches how to understand and report on the IdentityIQ data and how to configure certifications, roles, policy, and risk. Additionally, this course teaches how to administer access requests, password management, and lifecycle events. Lastly, this course introduces users to data onboarding, troubleshooting and support methodologies and tools.

Topics covered by the course:

  • Product Overview
  • Identity Data
  • Advanced Analytics and Report Usage
  • Role Administration
  • Certification Administration
  • Policy Administration
  • Risk Administration
  • Access Request Administration
  • Password Management
  • Monitoring Lifecycle and Native Change Events
  • Architecture, Deployment and Dataflow
  • Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Support

For more details on this course including software requirements please see:
IdentityIQ Administration 7.2 Guide


Please note that all courses always require a certain minimum number of participants. Therefore, a training course can be cancelled up to 14 days before the start of the course.

Registrations can only be made through the SailPoint Identity University. This requires a SailPoint Compass account . Detailed instructions for the registration can be found here:

Trainings and Workshops on site

We are happy to offer training courses and workshops on site at our customers’ premises. Contact us to learn more.