File Access Manager - comprehensive access control for unstructured data

Managing access to unstructured data is a growing problem in any organization. The amount of data stored on file servers, mailboxes and in the cloud has grown exponentially in recent years. Experts estimate that about 90 percent of the data generated in companies is now unstructured. Without simple means to monitor, control and protect this unstructured data, organizations are taking huge risks in terms of security and compliance.

With the SailPoint File Access Manager (short FAM, previously SecurityIQ), organizations can centrally manage and control access to unstructured data by applying unified administrative processes, policies and controls across all systems. With FAM, you can identify where sensitive data exists, who has access to it, and how that data is used to enforce effective controls to protect the data. FAM helps meet regulatory requirements by performing compliance audits and increases productivity by reducing the time spent on diagnostics, forensic analysis and data management tasks.

Are you at risk?
Do you also expose your company to a security risk because you do not have a complete overview of the critical company data and therefore do not protect it adequately?
Digital identities at the center of your security strategy
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