Protect privileged user accounts from attacks and misuse

In our complex digital world, the number of users with special and sensitive permissions – so-called privileged users – has risen and continues to rise.

Just think of IT and database administrators who manage email accounts and user accounts, databases and servers and grant access rights, or SAP_ALL users who are allowed to perform virtually all critical operations in a SAP system.

System users and technical users required for communication between machines and applications, DevOps and PAM, and privileged accounts in social media are also included. The development, provision, support and further development of IT solutions or the maintenance of the IT infrastructure and the network are increasingly being outsourced to external IT service providers. They also require privileged access to systems and critical data.

Privileged Accounts: Targeted by cybercriminals

Because of their comprehensive (access) authorizations, privileged accounts are increasingly being targeted by cyber attacks. Almost all attacks start here. But there is also a threat from fraudulent insiders who misuse their legitimate access to sensitive systems and data. Privileged accounts and access data must be specially protected. It is advised to use the support of an experienced and competent partner for this implementation.

Privileged Account Security: The most important aspects

The KOGIT experts ensure that our customers Privileged Access Management is aligned with their IT security initiatives and implement an efficient Privileged Account Security. This comprises the following four points:

  • The proactive protection of login information and password management of privileged accounts as part of Credential Management.
  • The isolation of privileged users’ access data and rights, for example in an electronic vault.
  • Complete logging, control and documentation of each session (session control) and action of privileged users via audit trail.
  • Monitoring all activities of privileged users via real-time analytics (Threat Analytics), which detects/reports attacks and suspicious behavior as they occur and ideally automatically initiates protective measures.

Services for market research, SWOT analysis, IdM integration and more

KOGIT supports its customers in the selection of a suitable PAM solution with comprehensive services: From systematic market research, including a comparative SWOT analysis, and the introduction and test management of the desired tool to user training.

KOGIT’s specialists also assist their customers with the documentation and reporting of privileged user activities and quickly and securely eliminate privileged account vulnerabilities with proven best practices. Ideally, the PAM software is integrated into the existing identity management solution.

This ensures that customers benefit from reliable privileged access management and are optimally equipped to protect their privileged accounts from attacks or misuse.

Are you protecting yourself against threats "from the inside"?
There is a higher danger of unauthorized access to passwords or access data within a company than through an external attack. KOGIT helps you to protect privileged accounts.