Open Source for Identinty Management and Governance

Evolveum® focuses on the professional open source development of its leading identity and access management solution midPoint. Evolveum was founded by several independent IT professionals. The Evolveum core team is a unique combination of experienced software engineers, identity and access management experts and advanced, business-oriented minds. The company’s vision is to dramatically improve Identity and Access Management (IAM) through the development and maintenance of state-of-the-art, professional open source products.

The majority of the Evolveum team is based in Central Europe. However, the products or work and expertise are disseminated worldwide through the network of Evolveum partners, contributors and users. In this way, Evolveum is now present in a large part of the world.

midPoint: Innovation and efficiency

In a highly competitive environment, quality, precision and innovation are key factors for companies to stay ahead and not fall behind. Choosing strong, reliable solution providers today will influence your future. Evolveum understands these needs and develops midPoint, a unique open source solution that seamlessly combines identity management and identity governance.

midPoint’s philosophy is to be effective and secure. When managing identities, simplifying and automating internal processes while maintaining a high level of security is a must. Thanks to the Evolveum core team’s professional approach, midPoint has become a scalable product ranging from small implementations to millions of identities.
The uniqueness of MidPoint stands for:

  • A customized approach
  • Innovations are a priority
  • Shaping the future together
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