SailPoint IdentityIQ - a complete and yet open identity platform

SailPoint IdentityIQ™ is a complete governance-based identity and access management solution that provides fast and convenient access to productivity-enhancing applications and access controls for guaranteed business security. IdentityIQ combines governance, provisioning and access management in a unified solution that leverages a common identity governance framework. So you can consistently enforce corporate and security policies, roles, and risk models across all IAM activities. SailPoint IdentityIQ offers companies the following benefits:

  • Compliance through automated access permissions and policy management
  • Independent request and reset of passwords by the user
  • Automatic provisioning throughout the user lifecycle by simplifying processes for granting, changing, and revoking access permissions
  • Secure and convenient access to all applications from any device
  • View access rights as a decision basis and to fulfill audit requirements as needed
  • Easy login to Web and SaaS applications with a single password
  • Improve visibility into user access from the datacenter to the cloud and proactively enforce risk-based controls
  • Smooth transition from on-site IAM to IAM-as-a-Service (IDaaS) at the right time

With the new KOGIT IAM-Architecture Board for SailPoint IIQ we offer our customers services and documental services (e.g. Code Reviews and Code Guideline Lists), which offer an extension to the functions of IdentityIQ.

Our experienced IAM specialists will be happy to advise you whether IdentityIQ is the right solution for your needs. Contact us directly or click here for more information:

KOGIT Plugin Library for SailPoint IdentityIQ

A software solution does not always offer all the components a company needs. In order to implement the best possible Identity & Access Management solution for our customers, we at KOGIT have developed plugins that integrate seamlessly into SailPoint IdentityIQ and offer added value for our customers. Our KOGIT Plugin Library includes the SoD Matrix Plugin, the IIQ History Plugin, the Role Analytics Plugin, the SAP OM Importer Plugin, as well as the AdOns SailPointTester and SailPoint2Doc.

Digital identities at the center of your security strategy
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