Services for a secure Identity and Access Governance from a single source

The digital transformation of the business world offers companies of all sizes and industries a variety of market opportunities and competitive advantages. However, it also creates additional security risks. Therefore, those who want to remain competitive in the future must reduce their IT and business risks to a minimum.

Identity and Access Governance: FROM Triple A TO Five A

This is achieved with a holistic concept for Secure Identity and Access Governance (IAG), adapted to customer requirements and the extension of the classic triple-A principle – authentication, authorization, administration – through analytics (intelligence) and audit to the five-A principle.

Here KOGIT, with its many years of expertise in consulting, industry, process and technology, develops an individual IAG strategy optimally tailored to the customers needs and implements it on the basis of smart IT solutions:  simple, fast, cost-optimized and with comprehensive services.

KOGIT's services for Identity and Access Management

KOGIT’s experts ensure that

all types of identities – personal, technical and virtual – are managed in a structured and transparent manner throughout their lifecycle:

it is precisely regulated which identity gets access to which IT systems and data, how, when and with which access rights, and that every access is controlled and traceable:

legal regulations such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and compliance requirements (SOX, Basel II) are strictly observed through the monitoring, analysis and regular recertification of authorizations and segregation of duties:

privileged user accounts and access rights are protected from data breaches – whether by deliberate compromise or improper use – through effective control:

potential threats are detected in real time through the collection & evaluation of messages and log files, and that they can be responded to in a timely manner:

risks of unauthorized data access and/or theft are identified at an early stage through forward-looking analyses, and appropriate defensive measures are initiated:

Lean solution - real added value

In order to keep IAM projects lean, KOGIT endeavors to use the standard functions in the software products used and to extend them as required by customizing and/or own add-ons and plug-ins.

KOGIT’s close cooperation with leading software manufacturers guarantees its customers state-of-the-art solutions. KOGIT’s extensive industry know-how and excellent expertise provide customers with great added value.

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Digital identities are becoming the focus of security strategies at an increasing rate. Contact us to learn how Identity Management can help you to ensure security, reduce costs and optimize services.