Advanced Analytics: Prevent IT risks before they happen

Internet of Things (IoT), Enterprise Mobility, Cloud-Computing and Co.: Due to the digital change of the business world, the number of digital identities, the complexity of access regulations and with it the mass of authorizations and accesses is growing – Big Data. Studies show that maintaining a compliant-oriented and legally compliant identity and access management (IAM) system is becoming increasingly difficult and the risk of misuse is increasing.

Advanced Analytics: More agility and transparency for IAM

An intelligent, Big Data-oriented concept for Advanced Analytics provides a remedy here. Digital identities, authorizations and accesses can be comprehensively analyzed and seamlessly controlled. This makes it possible to track the extent to which a digital identity is connected to the organization, what authorizations it has, which data and IT systems it accesses and how often.

This ensures transparency and increases the agility and flexibility of authorization and access control (access governance). This requires that current identity data and activities, i.e. access to IT systems, data and networks, password changes or approvals, are continuously analyzed and compared with historical information. This enables immediate identification of abuse and immediate response.

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Predictiv Analytics

Risk prevention, which works with technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), goes a decisive step further. This enables predictive analytics of identity-related information – user account, authorizations, attributes, access behavior – which identifies suspicious patterns and anomalies in user behavior. The benefits are obvious:

  • Data theft is prevented and previously undiscovered vulnerabilities and risks such as fraud attempts within the framework of IAM can be quickly detected and eliminated.
  • Identity governance can be contextualized, enabling a focus on access scenarios with a high risk classification on unusual access and behavior patterns or unusual events.
  • Automate identity governance processes for routine and low-risk access. This increases IT efficiency and business process productivity.

Advanced Analytics: Efficient implementation with know-how from KOGIT

As an experienced IAM consulting company, KOGIT advises its customers on the planning and implementation of intelligent and tailor-made concepts for Identity and Access Analytics and on the selection of suitable IT solutions.

  • Forensic analyses,
  • Identification of privileged user accounts,
  • Visualization of identity and access related analyses,
  • User and Identity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) and
  • Real-time anomaly detection

are just a few of the requirements to be mentioned for suitable solutions.

Regardless of whether the customer chooses an on-premise or a cloud solution, the experts at KOGIT support the implementation with comprehensive process and method competence, so that implementation times remain short and costs low. In all phases (planning, implementation and support) of his or her Access Intelligence project, the customer benefits from the excellent support provided by KOGIT and thus derives maximum benefit from his or her investment.

Artificial intelligence for full transparency
KOGIT helps you to improve your identity governance and to minimize risks through big data analysis and machine learning.