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We implement Identity Management projects for leading companies and institutions throughout Europe. Our customers rely on the know-how of our highly specialized employees. We work across industries and, above all, independent of manufacturers. This enables us to design individual solutions and products for each of our customers. Adapted to your processes and infrastructure, we implement these in close coordination and cooperation with the companies’ IT managers. We optimize IT processes and create secure and sustainable systems – efficient, economical and smart!

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Consulting for the migration from Control SA to SailPoint IdentityIQ

Consulting during the migration from Control SA to SailPoint IdentityIQ: migration concept, system set-up, load tests, connection of critical resources, requirement definition and support.

Project and implementation:

  • 1.700.000 users
  • 16.000 roles
  • 3.000 applications
  • Consulting
  • Architectur
  • Definition of needs

Volkswagen AG
Optimization of IT security with focus on compliance in authorization management
The project, optimisation of IT security with a focus on compliance in authorization management, was set up by the Board of Managing Directors of DZ Bank as part of its extensive portfolio in the areas of compliance, bank security and information architecture.

KOGIT implements the requirements of the authorization concept from the internal departments with SailPoint IdentityIQ. After a pilot in 2012, the comprehensive project was realized in 2013/2014.

Project and implementation

  • 4.150 internal users
  • 700 external users
  • Up to 150,000 users via portal in about 750 rolls
  • Approx. 60 applications
  • SailPoint was chosen to ensure rule management, automation and the avoidance of media disruptions..
  • Migration Legacy IDM (Oracle Waveset)
  • Identity Lifecycle Access Request with SOD and other controls
  • Complex Role Lifecycle Management
  • Risk Management Manager and Role Composition certification
  • Mover certification

DZ Bank has signed the maintenance contract for SailPoint IIQ with and through KOGIT. This allows us to offer 1st and 2nd level support. Due to the implementation tasks at DZ Bank we know their environment very well and are able to process the inquiries quickly and competently. If required, we pass them on to the manufacturer in a qualified manner according to the requirements (3rd level support, development, defect handling, RoadMap).

DZ Bank
Support during production start-up for SAP IdM 7.2-SP09 setup
Migration from OIA/OW to SailPoint IIQ.

Since the manufacturer no longer offers support for the OIA/OW platform in use at ivv GmbH, and in order to meet the increasing compliance requirements, ivv intended to migrate to SailPoint IdentityIQ. KOGIT supports ivv with consulting, conception, implementation and testing on the basis of the product SailPoint IdentityIQ 7.x.

The project will be implemented in 4 steps:

  • 1. Identity lifecycle and reading connection
  • 2. Roll import and roll lifecycle
  • 3. Authorization lifecycle, provisioning and recertification
  • 4. Deconstruction OIA / OW

Phase 2 was successfully completed in autumn 2018 and the implementation of phase 3 has already started.

Requirements analysis and definition of an IAM program, concept, support and implementation.

The aim of the implementation is to automate user administration as far as possible and to increase security, reduce outliers and improve data quality.

Project and implementation:

  • 20.000 users
  • 80.000 authorizations
  • 300 Roles
  • 50 connected systems
  • Connection of Active Directory and MS Exchange
  • Connection of Unix HPC Clustern
  • Connection of all existing SAP systems
  • Upgrade from SAP NW IdM 7.0 to 7.2
  • Password reset mechanism (self-service)
  • Process for enforcing system-wide password policies and password lifecycle.
  • Requirements analysis
  • Requirements Definition IAM Program
  • Implementation
  • Care and maintenance

Uni Basel
Installation and implementation of SailPoint IdentityIQ

The Bank für Sozialwirtschaft had planned to introduce an IGA solution in order to automate short-term recertification of user authorizations in accordance with audit requirements, to be able to quickly recertify user authorizations and in an expansion stage, to be able to manage users' access authorizations to the company's data and applications more efficiently, transparently and audit-proof in the future.
In addition, the IGA solution should make it possible to identify risks before they arise and to exclude or at least minimize them through organizational and technical measures. BfS decided to implement SailPoint IdentityIQ as the new solution. KOGIT took care of the installation and implementation of the solution in 2 phases:

Phase 1: Recertification of access rights on the most important systems

Phase 2: Active management of identities and authorization assignments as well as extension, expansion and optimization of the solution implemented in phase 1.

BfS also actively uses the KOGIT plugins for IdentityIQ:

  • SOD Matrix Plugin
  • IIQ History Plugin

The project was successfully completed in autumn 2018. Currently KOGIT provides the Solution-Support-Service for BfS.

Phased IdM migration from Sun Identity to SAP IdM 8.0

TU Dortmund intended to replace its current IdM solution (based on SUN Identity) with a solution based on SAP Identity Management. KOGIT supports the migration project with professional and technical consulting, conception and implementation.

The goals of the project are:

  • Development and implementation of SAP IdM version 8.0
  • Transfer of the still existing UniMail IdM functionalities into the new SAP IdM
  • Connection of source and target systems
  • Realization and optimization of existing processes
  • Development of new components and services
  • Transfer of user administration for SAP ERP systems to SAP IdM

Technische Universität Dortmund
Implementation of SailPoint's IAM solution IdentityIQ

WIRTGEN Group Holding GmbH has introduced the IAM solution IdentityIQ from SailPoint in order to meet the increasing compliance requirements and to be able to manage users' access rights to the company's data and applications more efficiently, transparently and audit-proof. KOGIT has supported WIRTGEN by consulting, conception and implementation on the basis of the product SailPoint IdentityIQ with the following goals:

  • Regular certification of access authorizations
  • Recertification
  • Connection of target systems
  • Finalization of the user lifecycle, attestation and application processes

Requirement analysis and definition of an IAM program, concept, support and implementation.

Bechtle AG aims to implement an SAP system landscape which harmonizes and simplifies work by transferring the administration of SAP users to the "key users". By managing all SAP identities in SAP NetWeaver Identity Management, a new login scheme, the introduction of a new authorization concept and the replacement of SAP CUA (ZBV) by a more central tool, which can also manage JAVA systems, can be achieved

  • Central administration of user accounts using SAP HCM as master data source
  • Central password management
  • Use of business roles to simplify the application process
  • Audit-proof workflows and processes for assigning accesses and admissions
  • Workflow for mapping Change Management for business roles

Project and implementation:

  • 6.000 employees
  • aus 69.475 SAP roles became 288 business roles
  • 10 SAP types = 33 SAP systems distributed over 65 companies
  • Requirements analysis
  • Requirement Definition IAM Program/li>
  • Implementation
  • Care and maintenance
  • Standardized KOGIT support for SAP NW IDM

Requirements analysis and definition of an IAM program.

Replacement of the ZBV Central User and Authorization Management by the introduction of SAP NetWeaver Identity Management 7.2. With the new system the user administration can be further automated and simplified and also offers a promising expansion option with regard to further connection and expansion options. The new solution meets the increased requirements for an audit-proof and logged IDM system, which provides meaningful reports (audits) on the application and assignment of user authorizations in the connected IT systems, including approval workflows and role assignment. Harting’s KGaA system environment consists of a series of SAP modules that are administered today via ZBV. The Harting Group comprises 30 companies worldwide. The system environment includes SAP ERP, SAP BW, CRM, SRM, APO and SAP Portal..

Project and implementation:

  • 1.000 users
  • 16 applications
  • Requirements analysis
  • Architectur
  • Consulting
  • Requirements Definition IAM Program
  • Implementation
  • Care and maintenance

First KOGIT customer for SailPoint IdentityNow.

The customer intends to introduce the Identity and Access Management solution IdentityNow by SailPoint Technologies. KOGIT takes care the installation and implementation of IdNow, carried out in 2 phases. The scope of services includes:

  • Kickoff & Documentation
  • General Configuration
  • System connection (Source)
  • Authentication IdentityNow for End Users
  • SSO & Password management
  • Self Service Portal
  • Identity Lifecycle
  • Authorization and Role Model
  • Operational support/support

Requirements analysis and definition of an IAM program, support and implementation.

Introduction of SAP NetWeaver Identity Management 7.2 at Bericap to simplify and automate user administration. SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions was used as the basis. It replaces an Excel-based tool for user and authorization management for centrally administered systems, in which users and the groups assigned to them are managed. The system environment at Bericap consists of several country-specific MS Active Directories (AD), of which the German AD has a special role: users with group-wide tasks are created here. MS Exchange is linked to this AD instance on which employees in Germany have their e-mail accounts. The email is sent via an external provider who provides an email service based on Squirrel. The system environment also includes SAP ERP, SAP BW and SAP Portal as well as a SharePoint Service.

Project and implementation:

  • 1.500 users
  • 30 Roles
  • 7 Applications
  • Requirements analysis
  • Architectur
  • Consulting
  • Requirements definition IAM-Programm
  • Implementation

Introduction of an Identity Access Governance solution

Bankhaus Metzler introduced an IAG system to ensure more efficient, transparent and audit-proof administration of user access authorizations to the company's data and applications. KOGIT supports Metzler in this project in consulting, conception and implementation on the basis of SailPoint IdentityIQ.

The following functionalities are achieved:

  • User-friendly GUI
  • Access Request Management à la Online Shop
  • Role management
  • SoD control
  • Access Certification
  • Intelligence based on BI and warehouse technology

Bankhaus Metzler
Introduction of SAP Netweaver Identity Management

  • Prozessdefinition und standardisierte Test-Szenarien
  • Aufbau Testlandschaft
  • Anpassung und Ausführung von HCM-Schnittstellen, Rückkanälen, Konnektoren für Active Directory
  • Process definition and standardized test scenarios
  • Structure of test landscape
  • Adaptation and execution of HCM interfaces, return channels and connectors for Active Directory
  • Provision of UI masks for administrators
  • Performance of tests
  • Productive deployment
  • Implementation
  • Project management
  • Consultation
  • Transfer of know-how
  • Documentations
  • Support after commissioning

Support Service IdM

Marquardt uses an IAM solution based on SAP. The productive operation of this solution requires experienced support personnel to support the system administrators and perform maintenance activities. KOGIT provides Marquardt with this support service.

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We provide manufacturer-independent consulting and design individual IAM solutions for your company.
Upgrade SAP Identity Management to the Next Level

Stadtwerke Heidelberg is upgrading its existing SAP IdM system to the next higher support package. KOGIT takes over the consulting, implementation and know-how transfer for the development and production systems for Stadtwerke Heidelberg during the upgrade.

Stadtwerke Heidelberg
A central identity management system with worldwide access seamlessly replaced the old user administration system.

After only four weeks of parallel operation, the old system was switched off. The factors for the successful migration were a tailor-made architecture, a flawlessly maintained database and the competence of the system integrators, who took over the analysis and implementation.

Migration of the existing user management system into the SailPoint IdentityIQ solution.

The Audi AG conducted a migration of the existing user management system to the SailPoint IdentityIQ solution. The SAP environment will be connected to SAP Access Control 10 (GRC) system. KOGIT provides the functions and detailed technical specifications as well as - in cooperation with SAP Deutschland AG - the concept for the connection implementation.

Project and implementation:

  • 4.000 roles
  • Functional requirements
  • Technical detail requirements
  • Concept for ressourcen connection

Solution architecture consulting

Solution architecture consulting, test design, implementation policies, Qualitätssicherung für den gesamten Entwicklungsprozess, Spezifizierung, Test Definition (use cases), testing.

Eingesetzte Produktlösung: SailPoint IdentityIQ.

Projekt und Umsetzung:

  • ca. 5.800 Benutzer
  • 800 Rollen
  • 50 Applikationen
  • Coaching
  • Qualitätssicherung

Demand definition of an IAM program, support, implementation and project management.

- ITSCare, as a service provider for the AOK Hessen, Baden-Württemberg, Rheinland-Pfalz/Saarland, has implemented the SAP NetWeaver Identity Management System with the following goals:

  • Acceleration of order processing
  • Improving quality in procurement and implementation
  • Optimization of workflow processes
  • Improvement of user friendliness
  • Simplification of the application and approval procedure
  • Maintain data protection and audit requirements
  • Standardization of access rights

The project was started as a pilot for the AOK Hessen and then rolled out in BaWü and RPS. The project was successfully implemented with SAP NetWeaver Identity Management. ITSCare, as an internal project team, will gradually take over the operation of the system on its own.

Project and implementation:

  • 25.000 plus 10.000 functional mailboxes
  • 2.000 roles
  • 20 applications
  • - Requirements Definition for IAM Program/li>
  • Implementation
  • Customer trainings
  • Project management
  • Care and maintenance

A 100% subsidiary of Allianz SE

KOGIT was commissioned by the Allianz subsidiary IDS with the goal of a compliance audit to increase security for the operative business. 8 million authorizations and over 2000 roles had to be migrated into an IDM system. A uniform and comprehensive role model, the assignment of data ownership including periodic access reviews and a classification of all data according to confidentiality were taken into account.

Deployed product solution: SailPoint IdentityIQ.
Project and implementation:

  • 3,000 internal users
  • 1,100 rolls
  • 40 Applications
  • Migration Legacy IDM
  • Role Management (Role Mining, Generation of Entitlement Roles)
  • User Self Services Requests
  • Password management
  • Certifications

Preparation and Enhancement of an Upgrade to SAP IdM 8.0

KOGIT advised and supported Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG. during the preparation for the upgrade to SAP IdM 8.0. In this context we undertook the following tasks

  • Conception, development and completion of workflows
  • Support in completing the business role concept and technical implementation of the concept (as required)
  • Support for the expansion of already connected systems
  • Connection of further source and target systems

Boehringer Ingelheim
Anforderungsanalyse und Definition eines IAM ­Programms, Support, Implementierung und Projekt-Management

Bisher wurden lokale Lösungen ohne globale Standardisierung benutzt. Es bestand die Notwendigkeit für mehr Automatisierung, Konsolidierung und Rationalisierung der Benutzerdaten innerhalb der Linde Group. Diese nun globale Standardisierung und Harmonisierung der IT-Landschaft und User IDs gelang durch die Einführung von SAP NetWeaver Identity Management:
• Reduzierung von Sicherheitsproblemen
• Einsparpotentiale nutzen
• Verbesserung der Datenqualität
• Ablösung einer veralteten Lösung zur Datensynchronisation

Projekt und Umsetzung:

  • 55.000 Mitarbeiteridentitäten
  • 35.000 Kundenidentitäten
  • 2.814 Standorte
  • 14.977 Organisationseinheiten
  • 220 Firmen
  • 90 Länder
  • Anbindung von IBM Lotus Notes zu ENDRA Notes Domino Connector
  • Anforderungsanalyse
  • Architektur Beratung
  • Bedarfsdefinition IAM Programm
  • Implementierung
  • Anbindung u.a. von SAP, SAP CUA, MS Windows Active Directory, MS ADAM sowie IBM Lotus Notes via ENDRA Notes Domino Connector
  • Pflege und Wartung
  • Upgrade auf SAP NetWeaver Identity Management 7.2

The Linde Group
Connection of further systems to the existing SAP Identity Management System

TÜV Rheinland AG wanted to expand the existing SAP Identity Management System and gradually introduce a PAM system and an SAP ERP system (clients 010, 020, 030 and 033). KOGIT advised the customer and supports him in the implementation of the project.

TÜV Rheinland
Anforderungsanalyse und Definition eines IAM-Programms, Support und Implementierung

Requirements analysis and definition of an IAM program, support and implementation.

Project and implementation:

  • 3000 internal users
  • Requirement analysis
  • Requirements definition IAM programm
  • Implementation