Secure Relationship Management for digital Identities

In the course of the increasing digitalization of our society, the number of “digital identities” is increasing rapidly, both in business and private environments. Access to data by different categories of users must be properly granted, whether they are employees, customers, suppliers, consultants or external service providers.

But: A digital identity is not per se the representative of a natural person (e.g. technical user or system user).

This quickly creates a complex web of permissions, users and roles. This must be considered when assessing the risks of IT security. The reliable administration of these different categories of users, digital identities and authorizations explicitly requires special care, which is also reflected in official regulations such as the EU data protection basic regulation or the minimum requirements for risk management (MaRisk).

Identity management as a building block of IT-security architecture

Therefore, it is recommended to build an integrated Identity Management solution (IdM). This represents a central building block within the IT security architecture, increases the efficiency of IT operations and reduces IT risks. For this purpose, all digital identities must be merged with all relevant information, assigned to a defined user lifecycle and managed uniformly.

One of the tasks of the Identity Management solution is to automatically distribute the corresponding data to the individual IT systems.

Efficient authorization system with hierarchical roles

The IdM solution ensures that each user or each digital identity only receives the authorizations to which it is entitled according to the regulations. This is done through a defined user lifecycle (including application procedures) and through time- or event-driven certification of authorizations.

If the authorizations are then bundled into hierarchically organized roles across systems, further transparency is created and the benefit of an efficient and differentiated authorization system increases.

This ensures that the correct authorizations are always assigned in the IT systems in the event of changes in the employment relationship, e.g. promotion, change of department or retirement.

Efficient Identity Management with Know-how from KOGIT

The implementation and sustainable optimization of a concept for the secure management of digital identities in the sense of Secure Relationship Management for Digital Identities presents companies with numerous challenges and changes. Mastering these requires in-depth know-how. It is therefore advisable to secure the support of a competent partner such as KOGIT, who already has many years of proven IdM project experience, for such projects.

The experienced team of KOGIT specialists advises the customer in all questions of identity management and supports him or her in the selection and implementation of the appropriate software. The customer can choose between on-premise or cloud solutions (Identity-Management-as-a-Service, IDaaS for short). The IDaaS solution is particularly suitable for companies that only want to customize a little and do not want to have or set up their own operating team. However, you should definitely choose a provider that operates its data centers in Germany and is therefore subject to the strict EU Data Protection Basic Regulation (EU-DSGVO).

Secure Identity Management
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