Identity Analytics, Role Management and Access Governance out of the box

Nexis GmbH, based in Regensburg, is a specialised IT-software expert company focused on Identity and Access Management (IAM) and provider of the technology-leading identity and role analytics software NEXIS Controle. NEXIS Controle is a comprehensive solution for access privilege scans, risk analysis and visual (re-)modelling of entitlement structures. Its main benefits are increased IT security and compliance, reduced IT administration efforts, as well as the automation of role and rights management within medium and large-sized organizations.
Nexis GmbH additionally offers top quality consulting services related to all aspects of NEXIS Controle and to IAM topics in general. This, amongst others, comprises the design of customer specific IAM roadmaps, the execution of current state analyses and product selections, business process modelling and general project management services.
Companies from all industries like the financial sector, the insurance or the automotive industry benefit from the premium consulting services of Nexis GmbH and rely on the software NEXIS Controle to extend their existing IAM functionality or operate it as standalone solution for a successful implementation of their automation and access governance requirements.

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