Targeted security solutions

On average, network attackers remain undetected for 99 days. Their target is unsecured privileged accounts that provide access to valuable data and resources. CyberArk specializes in protecting companies against cyber attacks that exploit corporate access rights. A pioneer in a new category of targeted security solutions, CyberArk helps companies stop cyber threats before they cause irreparable damage. You can protect your business with CyberArk solutions in the following areas, among others:

  •     Protect sensitive files
  •     Management & control of privileged passwords
  •     Protection & management of SSH keys
  •     Session monitoring & recording
  •     Session Isolation & Access Control
  •     Least privilege access control
  •     Security of application logon data
  •     Threat analysis & detection
  •     Protect sensitive files

CyberArk’s comprehensive security solution protects privileged accounts on local systems, in the cloud and in hybrid environments, eliminating the largest attack vector.

KOGIT supports you in Privileged Access Management

The proactive protection of privileged accounts and access rights against external and internal attacks through Privileged Access Management must be integrated into security initiatives from the outset.

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Management of privileged user accounts remains risky

This is a key finding of a CyberArk cyber security survey of 750 (IT) executives from companies in North America, Europe, Israel and Asia Pacific.

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