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In our news section, you will not only find exciting information on current topics from the world of IT security. We also dispel common myths. In addition to useful tips on the broad field of IT governance, you will also gain an insight into our daily business as a successful, vendor-independent consulting company. Government regulations such as NIS2 and DORA, role management, selection and integration of IAM systems, migration of existing IAM systems to the cloud are just some of the topics that concern us.

In addition, every quarter we take you on a journey to a new focus area. After all, our interests as a consulting company are not only diverse, but also as colorful as our international team. We look forward to meeting you! If you have any questions, suggestions or requests, please contact us at


In an interactive panel discussion, our two speakers – Dr Sven Hübner, Head of Consulting KOGIT GmbH and Dr Michael Kunz, COO NEXIS GmbH – will take you on an exciting journey into the benefits, necessity and traceability of digital authorisation management.

Let´s talk about digital management of authorisations in the IGA

Dr. Sven Hübner, Head of Consulting, KOGIT GmbH
Dr. Michael Kurz, COO, NEXIS

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