Dynamic authorizations with Axiomatics

Axiomatics is the leading provider of dynamic authorizations delivered through Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) solutions. The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and has offices in the US. Axiomatics, with its suite of industry standard products, is a driving force behind dynamic access control. These products are used by Global Fortune 2000 companies and government agencies to balance compliance, information sharing and the protection of critical assets and intellectual property.

Dynamic authorization:

Axiomatics provides dynamic authorization solutions for applications, databases, big data, microservices and APIs to help organizations apply a policy-based approach to protecting their most critical assets.


Global reach:

Axiomatics serves a global customer base in the finance, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, media, pharmaceutical industrie, U.S. federal government and public sectors and has trusted global partners that complement the solutions with both technology and services.


Attribute-based access control (ABAC):

ABAC is the next generation authorization model that provides dynamic, contextual and risk intelligent access control. ABAC helps achieve a top-down approach to governance through transparency in policy enforcement.

Smartguard for Big Data

SmartGuard for Big Data protects Big Data systems from unauthorized access and outsourcing of data by using Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC). The intelligent solution enforces fine-grained access control based on the attributes of the user or service and the data to be protected. Features such as data classification, intended use, time of day, user location, device used, and a user’s role or group are used to create ABAC policies. These policies control access to big data and dynamically filter and mask that data in a single, powerful solution.

Data Access Filter for Multiple Databases

The Axiomatics Data Access Filter applies access policies to database queries to ensure that only authorized individuals are allowed to read and write data, and to further protect that data by dynamically masking or manipulating it so that sensitive data is never compromised.

Axiomatics Policy Server

Axiomatics Policy Server is the industry-leading solution for controlling access to critical applications. With externalized dynamic authorization, it provides the most efficient policy engine on the market and the most comprehensive solution available for enterprise-wide Policy and Attribute Based Access Control (PBAC and ABAC) rollout.

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